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  • Bottled Water Delivery

  • "R.O." -> Reverse Osmosis                                           (3 & 5 Gallon)

  • "R.S." -> Re-Mineralized                            Spring (5 Gallon)
  • Bulk R.O. Water Delivery (Great for Hot Tubs, RVs,   Cisterns, Etc)

  • Windsor Water Softener Delivery

  • Cooler Cleaning & Servicing

  • Softener Systems


        Now Serving:

    • Sundre                  Carstairs     
    • Olds                     Crossfield    
    • WaterValley           Didsbury      
    • Cremona                Caroline   

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Fresh, quality water matters to us! It's not just the essence of life, it's a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. It means better health, and less cleaning time spent on your kettles and humidifiers since there will be no mineral buildup. Keeping your bottles clean and sterile is only the beginning.

 **Please Note: Our Store Front Closed in 2015 to focus on delivery service. Sales are by appointment only, please call 403-994-0294.    


206 Centre Street North, Sundre, Alberta | Cell: 403.994.0294 | Production Facility: 403.638.3585

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