What is R.O. Water?

R.O. stands for Reverse Osmosis. That refers to the purification process. Our water goes through 13 steps to strip away impurities, chemicals, and for sterilization. This purification process includes UV lights, micron-filters, and ozone injection to ensure you get safe, quality, great-tasting water.

It is great to use in humidifiers and coffee-makers to prolong their life and drastically cut-down on descaling!

What is R.S. Water?

R.S. stands for Remineralized. We take our R.O. water and add back essential minerals your body requires. The alkaline qualities of R.S. water support your body's immune system. The highly-concentrated minerals are sourced from Utah's Salt Lake and are harvested using solar dehydration. 

What's so great about purified water?

Purified water has very low PPM (parts per million) left in it so you are assured that it is healthy and safe to drink. Cooking with it allows your foods natural flavours to shine, and leaves little to no residue on your cookware. There is no calcium build-up with purified water!

Where can I find your water?

Our main service is delivery, to homes and businesses, within 80km radius of Sundre, see map below. Each delivery is carefully scheduled into routes to minimize our carbon footprint. Please call 403-994-0294 to join our delivery schedule or for more information.

We have depots where you can purchase pre-filled bottles or exchange empty bottles for pre-filled bottles at a reduced price in several areas. Depots are located at: KC Foods in Cremona, the James River Store, the Little Red Deer Store in Westward Ho, Ted's in Olds, Fas Gas, Joko's & Big Sky Shell in Sundre, and Last Chance Liquor in WaterValley.

We also have a U-Fill location in Sundre where you can refill existing bottles with R.O. water. It is open 24 hours.

Other Products:

Water Coolers, Hot & Cold

      -Available in White or Black, New & (sometimes) Used

Bottle Pumps, Dolphin Manual or Clover Battery Operated

       -Dolphin Fits 3 & 5 gallon bottles

       -Clover Fits 5 gallon bottles

Windsor System Saver Softener Salt, 20kg Bags

H2OK  -Home cooler sterilizer kit

Flojet Bottled Water Conversion Kit -Hooks bottled water up to your fridge water/ice making system or coffee maker

Water Conditioning Chemicals also available

Please Call for Pricing and to Arrange Delivery or Schedule Pick-up Appointment  



Water is your fuel for living!